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Wild Creek Entertainers Welcomes You

We Strive to Entertain


I can't believe were already half way through summer. We've been busy already planning and looking into into next years entertainment for the annual show. In the meanwhile we still have a couple shows. Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE for further information. 

Wow what a great 15th Annual Wild West Show!

We are reaching out to you as valued members of our community who have shown interest and support in our past events and performances. As we plan for the upcoming year, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us curate an incredible lineup of entertainers for our outside Artist both singing and Saturday after the Wild West Show.

Your opinion matters to us, and we value the diverse perspectives and tastes of our community. We want to ensure that we bring the best possible artists and performances to our event, catering to your preferences and interests. Your feedback will play a vital role in shaping the next year's entertainment lineup.

If you could take a few minutes to share your thoughts, we would be immensely grateful. Here are some questions to guide your feedback:

1 Which artists or bands have you enjoyed the most in previous events? Please provide specific names or genres if possible.

2 Are there any particular artists or bands you would love to see perform at our event next year? Feel free to suggest both established acts and emerging talents.

3 What genres or styles of music do you believe would be a great fit for the outside Artist both singing and Saturday after the Wild West Show?

4 Do you have any other suggestions or ideas regarding the entertainment lineup? We welcome any creative input or unique experiences you may have encountered at other events.

Your feedback will be treated with the utmost consideration and confidentiality. We will use this information solely for the purpose of enhancing the quality of our event and making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Please feel free to reply directly to this post with your thoughts and suggestions. We appreciate your time and valuable input. You can email

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and we look forward to delivering an extraordinary entertainment lineup next year!

Warm regards,

Wild Creek Entertainers

What We Do

How Wild Creek Entertainers Bring the Fun

Annual Wild West Show

The Annual Wild West Show takes place at El Rancho Manana Campground and Riding Stables Richmond, MN. The outdoor festival includes Wild West Show performing both historical and comical short skits. We strive to bring in both National and Local  music along with a great variety of family entertainment. ​​ *Gig Noonan providing music and singing between acts. * Mr. Fun will be teaching tricks along with magic. *Blacksmith demonstrations *Mini Can-Can Dancers *Can-Can Dancers *Can't - Can't Dancers * Bank Robberies *Saloon Scenes *Shootouts *Wagon Rides *Face Painting *Vendors *And so much more! *​Come hungry food and refreshments available in event area. 


Annual Wild West Show with both National & Local Music

We strive to bring the best possible National and Local music performers to our annual show at an affordable rate. We always manage to create an engaging and unforgettable experience. 

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Throughout the years we've been working hard to develop our own artistic voice and make sure we stand out in the entertainment scene. Our historical and comical skits are guaranteed to be a good time for all ages. Wild Creek Entertainers is available for parades. special events and festivals. Give us a call to learn more about our availability and rates.

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